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Wakizashi, Shirasaya
Sakuma Akihiro
[ Signature ] omote : "秋弘 平成五年二月日" ura : "相模国人渡辺伝淬刃作之"
[ Size ] Blade length 32.1cm (1 shaku 0 sun 5 bu 9 rin), sori 0.3cm (9 rin), moto-haba 3.50cm, moto-kasane 0.55cm, mekugi-ana(hole) 1, blade weight 293g, shirasaya length 50.5cm
[ Period ] Heisei 5(1993)
[ Province ] Kanagawa prefecture

[ Feature ]
Form : HIra-zukuri. Iori-mune. Mihaba is wide. Kasane is ordinal. Shallow sori attached. Fukura line is clean.
Nakago : Ubu. Yasurimes are so sakasa-suji-kais. Saki is kuri-jiri. One hole.
Jigane : Itame-hada. Mokumes mixed. It tends to show masa pattern. Jinie attached. Fine chikei appeared.
Hamon : It shows shallow notare pattern. Gunome-bas mixed. Ashis appeared well. Ko-nie attached. Fine sunagashis appeared.
Boushi : It shows notare form. Saki becomes sharp. It turns relatively deep.

[ Highlight ] Akihiro Tosho, whose real name is Kazuaki Sakuma, started making swords in Kanagawa Prefecture around the beginning of the Heisei era. According to one theory, he was originally involved in temple construction as a profession and found the beauty of traditional Japanese architecture and Japanese swords compatible with each other, leading him to become a swordsmith in later years. He learnt sword making from master swordsman Hirokuni Hiroki, who also lives in Kanagawa Prefecture. There are many things to admire, such as the insight into the shape of the sword, including the sori and the mukuri, and the precise balance in the composition of the forged skin and the blade pattern.
The registration certificate for this sword shows that it took two and a half years to complete after receiving approval to make the sword on 1 August 1990. The name "Watanabe-den", which is not included in the so-called Goke-den, is written on the back signature, and is thought to refer to the materials and forging method used, or to express some kind of meaning of the sword's creation.

[ Conditions ] Excellent.

[ Attachments ] Habaki(suaka-ji, gold foiled ,double), shirasaya and bag of shirasaya.

[ Item number ] A011022 [ Price ] JPY 330,000 (shipping and insurance fee are not included)

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