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Tachi in Shirasaya

[ Signature ] Tachi-mei:
 (Omote) Sukemura
(Ura): -
[ Size ]: Blade length: 69.8cm (2 shaku 3 sun 3 bu 0 rin) sori: 2.6cm (8 bu 5 rin), moto-Haba: 2.65cm, moto-kasane: 0.56 cm, Haba-saki: 1.80 cm saki-kasane: 0.39cm, mekugi-ana (holes): 2, the weight of the blade: 605 g, shirasaya length: 100cm
[ Period ]: At the end of Heian, Genryaku (1184-)
[ Province ]: Bizen

[ Characteristics ]:
Form: Shinogi-zukuri, iori-mune. Mihaba and Kasane are the ordinal. There is koshizori attached very high. Chukissaki. There are bohis on Omote and ura.
Nakago: Suri-age. Yasurimes are Katte-sagari. Saki is kiri. Two holes. There are two characters signature on Hiraji, nakago-saki, Haki-omote side.
Jigane: Itame-hada. Mokume a little mixed . Jinie attached. Chikéi appeared. Utsuri observed very significantly.
Hamon: In mode of Sugu. Ko-Midare and Gunome are mixed. Ashi, kin-suji and sunagashi are appeared. Beautiful nie attached. Ni-ju-ba mixed, a little yubashiri appeared here and there.
Boushi: It's sugu and Komaru. It turns a bit, with saki-hakikake.

Sukemura was the swordsmith that creates at the end of Heian, Génryaku (1184-) in Bizen. Ko-Bizen.
There are signatures like "Sukemura", "Bizen Sukemura", "Bizen-koku Sukemura" but the remaining swords with signature are very rare.
It is known the katana-ori-Kaeshi mei "Bizen Sukemura", designation of significant as cultural asset, and Tachi designation as art treasures.

[ Highlight ]:
The shape of tachi with deep koshi-zori is very elegant. Jigane is blue and clear, filled utsuri.
Ko-Midare in tone of suguha hamon is flawlessly composed, mixed Nijuba, kinsuji and sunagashi. You can feel the taste indescribable.
There are nice vewpoints like simplicity of signatures, ubu hole and yaki-otoshi below the Ha-machi before suriage.

The swords with signature of Sukemura are only few in Ko-Bizen.
Very precious sword passed hand by hand with many connoisseurs over 800 years.

[ Conditions ]: There are small scratch, at tip of bou-hi, 20 cm above haki Omote of machi, 10 cm above haki ura of machi and in the hi, 17 cm above machi.
The sword, habaki and shirasasaya are maintained excellent in conditions.

[ Attachments ]: Gold tachi habaki (silver plate back inside), shirasaya, shirasaya bag, 43rd Juyo Token Certificate by NBTHK

[ Item number ]: A040715
[ Price ] JPY 8.000.000- (delivery charges and insurance are not included in the price)

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