Touken Komachi

Wakizashi, Shirasaya
Fujiwara Munekage
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[ Size ] Blade length 51.0cm (1 shaku 6 sun 8 min 3 rin), warp 1.0cm (3 min 3 rin), base width 2.92cm, base tip 0.57cm, tip width 1.99cm, tip tip tip 0.44cm, 1 megugi hole, blade weight 487.5g, shiro-saya overall length 75.5cm
[ Period ] Muromachi
[ Province ] Satsuma

[ Feature ]
Form : Shinogi-zukuri, iroi-mune, slightly wide body, average thickness, slightly deep curvature of Shinogi-suji, with a base and tip width difference, with a deep curvature at the tip, and with an elongated middle cut end.
Nakago : Ubu. Yasurimes are kiri. Saki is iri-yama-gata. One hole.
Jigane : It has itame-hada (itame skin), nie attached and has a chikkei (ground features).
Hamon : The blade is straight, with a koshib-ba style blade, interlaced with small alternating blades ko-gunomes, with small legs ashis, nie in places and with sunagashi.
Boushi : The boushi is shallowly curved, with a small rounded tip and a long return.

[ Highlight ] The blade is composed of straight blades sugu-ha with random blades midare-bas intermingled in parts, and the nie is also varied. The cutting edge is extended and the blade is curved back to give it a powerful appearance. The Bungo swordsmith Tsunakage made swords from the end of the Muromachi period to the early Edo period around Shoho, and it is thought that there were several swords with the same name.

[ Conditions ] Scabbard rubbing and some minor rusting. Sound appearance. Can be preserved and appreciated in its current state.

[ Attachments ] Habaki, shirasaya, bag of shirasaya and NBTHK Hozon paper "保存刀剣鑑定書"(issued on 3rd Fev. Reiwa 3(2021))

[ Item number ] A070123 [ Price ] JPY 220,000 (shipping and insurance fee are not included in the price)

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