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Katana, Shirasaya
Ito Motomichi
[ Signature ] 太刀銘 Tachi-mei omote :" 伊勢国住清雲子元道作"(花押) ura : "昭和丁巳年霜月吉祥日"
[ Size ] Blade length 87.2cm (2 shaku 8 sun 7 bu 7 rin), sori 2.0cm (6 bu 6 rin), moto-haba 3.18cm, moto-kasane 0.72cm, saki-haba 2.31 cm, saki-kasane 0.47 cm, mekugi-ana(hole) 1, blade weight 975g , shirasaya length 127cm
[ Period ] Showa 52(1977)
[ Province ] Mie prefecture

[ Feature ]
Form : Shinogi-zukuri. Iori-mune. Both mihaba and kasane are ordinal. Koshi-zori attached. There are few differences between moto-haba and saki-haba. Chu-kissaki extended form.
Nakago : Ubu. Yasurimes are katte-sagari. Saki is kuri-jiri. One hole.
Jigane : Itame-hada with some changes. In total, masa-tone observed. Jinie attached. Grained pattern come to be surface.
Hamon : Chu-suguha. There are some part mixed where forged width becoming wide. Nie attached well. Sunagashi appeared.
Boushi : It has haki-kake form with yakitsume state.

[ Highlight ] Motomichi was a swordsmith named Ito Michiyuki, who made his swords in Ninomachi, Hisai City (now Tsu City), Mie Prefecture. He made his swords with the aim of reproducing the 'nebulae-like nie and nioi' that fills the jigane ground iron of the sacred Kamikoto Japanese swords. There are chronological works from around 1975, 1977 and 1979. This sword was made in 1977, and has a long, sturdy, almost 1 km weight, with an exhilarating, well-nie attached ji-ba ground blade.

[ Conditions ] Slight scratches and light rust on the cut edge, otherwise good.

[ Attachments ] Habaki(silver, single, bore-eye open work), shirasaya and bag of shirasaya.

[ Item number ] A070823 [ Price ] SOLD

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