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Consingment sales terms and conditions

Touken Komachi consignment sale rule

We, Touken Komachi, deliver valuable beautiful and historic Japanese items to connoisseurs not only in Japan
but all over the world. We put the priority the serviceson mutual trust first, both seller and buyer should be satisfied.

Items those shall be received as consignment sales :

Swords (tachi, katana, wakizashi, tanto, yari, naginata, etc.), fittings (tsuba, kozuka, kogatana, menuki, fuchigashira, tsukamae, saya, seppa, kojiri, shitodome, etc.), armors (kabuto, sode-garami, yoroi-bitsu, yumi, ya, etc.), antic art (makie, suzuri-bako, fumi-bako, furniture, etc.), other pictures, antic beaux-art. We accept books too.

Registration fee (in case that the sword(s) sold to Japan)
Seller should owe JPY 6,600- per sword to register.

Consignment sales fee (per item)
(this happens after buying and sell comes to meet)

* Sales fee for swords, fittings, armors or beaux arts (per item) 
* It will occur according with sales completion.

Sales price (JPY) sales fee (JPY)
1,000,000 over On consultation
900,000 〜 less than 1,000,000 132,000
800,000 〜 less than 900,000 110,000
700,000 〜 less than 800,000 99,000
600,000 〜less than 700,000 88,000
600,000 〜less than 800,000 77,000
400,000 〜 less than 500,000 66,000
300,000 〜 less than 400,000 55,000
200,000 〜 less than 300,000 JPY 44,000
100,000 〜less than 200,000 JPY 33,000
50,000 〜less than 100,000 22,000
less than 50,000 11,000

* Image processing fee (per item)
* It will occur regardless the sales result. You can ask us image processing ONLY.

Item Image processing fee (JPY)
Sword in shirasaya (katana, tachi and yari) 22,000-
Sword in shirasaya (wakizashi and tanto)
Sword with/in koshirae (katana, tachi and yari) 30,800
Sword with / in koshirae (Wakizashi, tanto) 24,200-
Koshirae 11,000-
Tsuba, menuki, fuchi, fuchi-gashira, kozuka, etc. 5,500-
Other art, antiques 5,500-

* Books : Maximum sales fee is JPY 3,300-. For sales price less than JPY 6,480- item will be divided into two, a half for us, a half for you, Sales price will be detemined by us considering the conditions and market price.

* After the sale of your consignment, we will pay the amount obtained by subtracting the image processing fee and sales commission from the sale of the price immediately. We conduct by bank transfer payment, will be paid by our transfer fee.

* If you do not get the result within the period of your request, you will be able to terminate the contract of consignment by paying only image processing fee. At that time, you will be provided for the image of your consignment by digitally processed data. Right to use the image is transferred to you 100% at this point. Such as copying, reproduction is also possible.

* I hear the order only for image creation. In some cases, the price is different depending on the number. First of all, please feel free to contact us.

ex.1) Katana sword in shirasaya
sold price (JPY 450,000-)
- sales fee (JPY 66,000-)
- image processing fee (JPY 22,000-)
= seller's net gain(JPY 362,500-)

ex.2) Katana sword in shirasaya with koshirae
sold price (JPY 800,000-)
- sales fee (JPY 110,000-)
- image processing fee (JPY 30,800-)
= seller's net gain (JPY 659,200-)

ex.3) Tsuba
sold price (JPY 250,000-)
- sales fee (JPY 44,000-)
- image processing fee (JPY 5,500-)
= seller's net gain (JPY 200,500-)

Selling price of the consignment are available upon customer's request.

Taking into account the prevailing at the transaction of your consignment, in consultation, I decide.

When it is shipped to our store for your consignment

You can send your consignment item by suitable means. In case that you send them by courier service, at departure payment, packing also should be done as firmly as possible.

The period of custody consignment
In order to be posted on the home page, we make the material development of the product description and image processing when we entrusted your consignment.

After this task is finished, we can return your consignment to your hand once . However, postage from / to our store should be owned by consigner.

The period of your consignment on the Web
We accept customers set them freely. If you want to keep it in our store of your consignment item, we will store them appropriately with responsibile management.
If we have any contact, wish to purchase, you will be able to see the situation on the website the mark "HOLD" in real time basis. We will let you know the latest status by phone or e-mail
Inquiry / application for consignment

Please use the consignment request and inquiry form.
You can contact us by phone/ fax(+81(0)3-5284-9014 / 9043) or E-mail.


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